Imagine you are a child again. Recall the fascination and comfort of trees towering high above you, the seemingly endless expanse of the sky on a clear, sunny day. Smells and textures, colors and shapes told stories then. There was a sense of place. Even more importantly, there was a deep sense of experiencing place and time and… wonder.


Growing up between the two worlds of urbane Texas and coastal Mexico, Adriana Martinez’s young mind almost immediately latched onto art as a means of expressing the beautiful experiences and environments she encountered. Her tools back then were crayons. Those crayons soon evolved into a scholarship, and then into a life path.


Adriana has remained true to her love of art and native wonders ever since - a heartfelt pursuit which has led her all around the world from Texas to San Miguel de Allende to Florence, Italy; from Italy to Spain and Morocco; from Europe back to Mexico, dramatically steeped in its own complex web of histories and rich, resplendent cultures.


For Adriana, painting has become a means of giving back, of honoring the native landscape, of answering the persistent call within her toward creative expression and generosity. Adriana is a visual artist, a dream illustrator, a painter of souls. Her preferred medium is oil on canvas but her style is versatile, seamlessly matching any occasion.


Adriana Martinez is available for commissions, often working closely with private collectors and ethnic groups. She is also frequently sought after for various forms of portraiture, indigenous, and environmental art. Adriana currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her beautiful family, 3 dogs, 4 chickens, and 1 tortoise.