My art studies range from private art studios to art schools in Florence, Italy and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. My experience traveling the world has deepened my appreciation for community and culture. I have produced an estimate of 60 commissions for clients spanning more than 12 years has been due to an ability to listen and deliver.




Imagine you are a child again. Recall the fascination and comfort of trees towering high above you, the seemingly endless expanse of the sky on a clear, sunny day. Smells and textures, colors and shapes told stories then. There was a sense of place. Even more importantly, there was a deep sense of experiencing place and time and… wonder.

Growing up between the two worlds of urbane Texas and coastal Mexico, Adriana Martinez’s young mind almost immediately latched onto art as a means of expressing the beautiful experiences and environments she encountered. Her tools back then were crayons. Those crayons soon evolved into a scholarship, and then into a life path.

Adriana has remained true to her love of art and native wonders ever since - a heartfelt pursuit which has led her all around the world from Texas to San Miguel de Allende to Florence, Italy; from Italy to Spain and Morocco; from Europe back to Mexico, dramatically steeped in its own complex web of histories and rich, resplendent cultures.

For Adriana, painting has become a means of giving back, of honoring the native landscape, of answering the persistent call within her toward creative expression and generosity. Adriana is a visual artist, a dream illustrator, a painter of souls. Her preferred medium is oil on canvas but her style is versatile, seamlessly matching any occasion.

Adriana Martinez is available for commissions, often working closely with private collectors and ethnic groups. She is also frequently sought after for various forms of portraiture, indigenous, and environmental art. Adriana currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her beautiful family, 3 dogs, 4 chickens, and 1 tortoise.


I make culturally rich paintings that celebrate a person’s or tribe’s cultural heritage. 

I paint portraits of people that want to celebrate their cultural heritage while emphasizing their uniqueness as an individual. 

My paintings deepen one’s sense of identity with cultural richness. The awareness of our uniqueness and inter-conection are simultaneously expressed. 

As a child I went back-and-forth from Mexico to the United States. I was deeply touched and influenced by the indigenous and how they were discriminated. This is a social class issue that has been going on for centuries since colonialism. Yet I I was always treated with respect and kindness by them. I was impressed by the way they would carry their bodies with a softness that inspires to this day.

My MISSION is to honor a person’s cultural heritage through a portrait while emphasizing their uniqueness. 

As part of a modern society we can become homogenous and feel lost in an ocean of people. Technology and social media both can hinder connection and facilitates it but it might not create a deep sense of identity and connection that we all crave as human beings. 

I paint a portrait of a person celebrating cultural heritage. This emphasizes their uniqueness and brings awareness on how we are all connected and being a “minority” race is very relative. Racism looses its power. 

When I am commissioned to paint a piece we have a conversation where I ask questions, I research that culture or cultures and integrate symbols and textiles accordingly.

My art is for people that want to celebrate their their ancestral roots.

People who purchase and collect my work feel a true sense of connection with me as a person, as an artist and what I stand for. 


I know my collectors personally most of them in person.

I do not get asked for discounts or deals. My collectors know that they are investing in a piece that is worth its value.. 

It is an honor and a joy to meet with them and nurture these relationships over the years. 

I love business women, which the majority of my collectors are. Because they are smart, courageous and dedicated. 

I do have a few awesome men too as my clients!!


My indigenous series are about honoring different tribes and depicting their human spirit and beauty. 

The indigenous represent a mystical realm of truth for me. Of reverence of life honoring the connection to ancestors and the earth a way of spiritually surfing the cosmos in an unapologetic way 

The Luna collection is for women celebrating their power and spirit and how far we have gotten. . I paint women because they are a source of inspiration for me. As a species we have been hunted, put down, set aside, silenced, undermined, and disregarded yet we hold so much power that comes from love and resilience. Brave and astonishing women are inspiring. 

Commissioned portraits are for people that want to celebrate a loved one for their uniqueness and spirit . I have delivered more than 60 commissions successfully to happy clients. 

Children’s portraits are for those of you who a child to feel seen, heard and loved for their uniqueness.  




11/2/2017                      Dia de Muertos Art Exhibit, ALAC Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

9/1/2017                       Cihuatl-Mujer-Woman, ALAC, Gallery Phoenix, AZ

7/6/2017                       Frida Birthday Bash, Luna Culture Lab, Phoenix, AZ

5/5/2017                        Herberger Theater Live Painting, Phoenix, AZ

3/25/2017                      World Poetry Day, ALAC Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

2/18/2017                    “Vamonos para Tenotchtitlan”, ALAC Gallery, Phoenix, AZ 

9/3/2016                       La Visuality, ALAC Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

2015                              Art sessions - Autism, Behavioral tendencies

6/2015                          Art Camp, Adriana Martinez Atelier,  McAllen,TX

12/2010 -6/2017           Commissions for Private Collectors

2014                              Milano, Italy

3/2013-5/ 2013              RHH B-SCHOOL

4/ 2011                          Mayan Nut Institute, Tempoal, Veracruz, MX

9/2009 – 11/2009         Save the Children, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, MX

9/2007- 2/2008          Painting & Drawing Instructor, Espacio Cultural Metropolitano, Tampico, Tamps, MX

10/2007                         Festival de Tamaulipas, Exposición Colectiva        

2007                              Art Instructor, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Tampico

7/2007                           Recrearte, Casa de la Cultura,  Tampico, Tamps.,MX

9/2006- 4/2007            Painting and Drawing Instructor, Espacio Cultural Metropolitano, Tampico, Tamps.

2007                              Art Show “Nagual”, Galería La Cueva, Granada, Spain

4/2006                          Colores de Mexico,  Nuevo Santander Gallery, McAllen, TX

01/2006 -5/2006          Art Instructor, Las Tres Esferas , San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, MX

11/2004                         "Color y Gente” Solo show, The Loft, McAllen, TX

11/2003 – 4/2007           Commissions for Private Collectors

11/2003                         “Color y Gente” Solo show, Café bar. “La Rue”; Colectiva, CD. Juárez, CH, MX

10/2003                          Premio Firenze. Florence, Italy

9/2003                           “Premio Firenze” group show, Sardegna, Italy

7/2003                            Main Street beautification, Trompe l’oeil Bagaladi, Calabria, Italy

3/2003                           “Color y Gente” solo show, Galería Eco, Florence, Italy

2003                               Premio Italia. Certaldo, Italy

2002 – 2003                   Muralism and Trompe l’oeil, Istituto Spinelli, Florence, Italy                              

1999 – 2002                   Studies inSan Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, MX

  • Art History, Monotipe Impression, Batik, Drawing, Instituto Allende

  • Painting, Christine Brundige, Instituto Allende

  • Ilustration, Carlos Caban Studio

  • Painting, Jack Hayes Studio

  • Photography and Dark room, Joe Brenzo Studio

  • Paper making, Margarita Orozco, Bellas Artes

  • Children’s Art project, Valle del Maiz

  • Exposición de Manualidades Indígenas

1997 – 1999                   Advanced Drawing, Memorial High School, McAllen, TX

1996 – 1997                   Advanced Painting and Drawing, Stratford High School, Houston, TX 

1993 – 1996                  Technical Drawing;  children motivation program, Instituto Cultural Tampico, MX                                                                  




My two consecutive years of work with the MayaNut Institute has been profoundly inspiring.

It allowed me to work side by side with women in several indigenous communities. I collaborated in the facilitations of the workshops both helping to fund them and physically providing the knowledge. 

It is an organization that truly supports the economy, the environment and nutrition of families focusing on the mothers.

By regaining their knowledge of this amazing nut and it its benefits it serves as a means for the women to take care of themselves and their young. 

I strongly recommend donating to this cause and taste the delicious food you can make with the Maya Nut.