You’d like to commission me to paint a painting and want to know how the process works?

There are 5 easy steps to commissioning a gorgeous piece…

1. Choose the size of art you’d like me to create.

2. Contact me via email or phone to discuss who, what and about the subject. We agree on the reference material like photos and/or studio visits.

3. I agree a timeframe with you and send you an Invoice for 50% of the total which includes all the details of how to make the payment.

4. I draw or paint the art and send you a photo to approve, along with an Invoice for the rest of the payment.

5. When I receive the last payment, I deliver or ship the painting to you as soon as possible.


I enjoy painting - immensely- by working with the different colors of the shadows against the light, lines and shapes that form a figure. 

How a subtle change of a facial gesture reflects a completely different emotion is intriguing because a single moment in time can have such depth to it. 

My process is about mirroring back the beauty of the person’s soul, of men, of women and children.

From start to finish it is a journey of self discovery as a use techniques to mix and apply color and adjust shadows. 

Even before I begin it is challenge. “Will I get it right? Will it look like I am imagining it?” Is a question that is always lurking in the back of my mind. 

I witness magic happening if I am brave enough to show up as whole, with all my light and darkness. 

Years of accumulated technical experience and life experience are reflected in my work, all my heart ache and my dreams channeled into one creative act. 

The act of painting is a release of energy for me, it is soothing to my senses and there is an equivical peace that comes with it at the end of a day’s work.

I feel both grateful and excited when I  see my collectors happy and moved when they first see their commissioned piece for the first time.