Luna Nocturna series is about the relationship a woman has with herself. In the peace of the night she can hear her thoughts, feelings and desires; she can digest and come to terms with the cycles of life and death. 

It is about women and their innate power to create by tapping into her femininity, through speaking their truth and reaching their highest level of energy that they can.  

The Female, in the noble sense of the word- we are complex, deep and multifaceted. 

Centuries of survival as prey and being regarded as inferior has forced us to develop an innate intellectual and emotional high capacity.  We give birth to children, projects and we nurture communities. This is a homage to our capacity to create and in some instances to survive as women.

Native Goddesses Collection

A series of paintings about the Teenek goddesses.

It revolves around the feminine and its power. It’s not only about the feminine as a woman but as fertility, nature and the sometimes-overlooked woman’s role in history. The Huasteca branched off the Mayans and like them; they had a cosmo-vision that reflected everything they honored as sacred. Such as fertility, stars, water, rain, seasons and harvesting. Many of their deities were female which I found very interesting.I studied the history, archaeology, culture and did on site research of the indigenous community of the Huasteca group spanning for more than two years. This project also involved giving the Mayan Nut workshops in 3 indigenous communities. It required the collaboration of the local town government of Tempoal, Veracruz, MX, the indigenous communities, the Mayan Institute and myself. I spent time with the community to get a sense of their life as a group. 


Frida mi vida en un

Frida de mi vida Collection

a series of portraits of Frida Kahlo integrating symbols that represent parts of her psyche. most of the images of her face are based on old black and white photographs of her.

2 of 3 are still available.



An ongoing series of paintings of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers and other significant women in my family. This is a way for me to reclaim my feminine heritage lost through undervalued roles and forgotten maiden names.

sold out series 


Mexico con ojos de niña

            Mexico with the eyes of a girl.

These paintings were made in Italy and were part of my first solo show in Florence, Italy. Living in foreign country helped the indigenous Mexico came more into focus for me. It is series about Mexico with a girl as the main protagonist. Young girls in the indigenous culture are responsible for so much, ranging from kitchen chores to watching over their siblings. Their childhood is a shorter and a very different one compared to our society. They might get to go to school for some years and are expected to get married as early as 14 or 15 years old.  

sold out series

Mexico nagual y profundo


The animals are intrinsically a part of every girl, symbolizing their spirit or their untamed nature.  A “nagual” allures to the humans that have the power to transform into an animal. Indigenous Mexico has so many layers of depth to its mystical beliefs and in its folklore. 

 sold out series