Summer Session 201

AventuRate en el Arte. 

10 day fun and focused Summer course 

What the students will learn:

  1. How to make a painting from start to finish by using a traditional technique which involves layers of paint. It will begin with the underpainting and using up to 8 or 9 more layers. 

2. The basics of shading, volume, perspective and shadowing. 

3. We will be composing full sentences in Spanish. 

4. Playing games which involve creativity, Spanish and fun like “Adivina la imagen”. This involves one of the students making a drawing on the chalkboard and the others have to guess what it is in Spanish.

5. They will leave with a finished piece and a certificate.

Dates and times. 10 am -1 pm

from June 14th- 25th 

Ages: 5 -13 

Maximum of 10 students and it is on a first come first serve basis. 

Place: ALAC 147 E. Adams St. 

Price $ 280

Supply will be included but not lunch. 


Art class for children based on a series of techniques that I learned in Florence, Italy and more that I have acquired over 13 years as professional artist. 

The class integrates vocabulary in Spanish with the intention of fomenting the language and the cultural roots within a fun and creative environment.

I know that children excel and thrive when they feel seen and heard and the expression through art provides it.  

When making art a child is in a safe place to allow her or his thoughts and feelings to be projected with colour and shapes. 

Art improves a child’s emotional intelligence, ability to solve problems, facilitates neural connections and builds fine motor skills. 

I stongly believe that every child deserves to thrive and have a chance to express their emotions. 

Creative children are happy!

Reviews from the Kiddos

“I like going to art class because it is fun. You can paint and draw things that you like because pictures are things that can have a lot of color, but when there is a little bit of color you can’t really see the picture. And I love learning how to use watercolors and shading.”-Olivia Ali-Osman

“I like coming to art class because it is fun. It is also cool because expresses my feelings.”-Francis Ali-Osman

“I like coming to art class because it is fun and I get to draw unicorns! My favorite part of art class is the painting .”-Eva Ali-Osman

“What I like about art class is learning mix media, mixing colors, step by step drawing, spanish reading and vocabulary, and different dimensions.”-Rodrigo Rodriguez

“I love coming to art class because it helps me express my feelings in a healthy way. It is so much fun! I love drawing and painting all kinds of things. In 3 years, Adriana has taught me to draw very detailed grids, the anatomy of the human face, Spanish vocabulary, and much more.”-Annie Neighbors

“I like coming to art class because you can ues a lot of new colors. My favorite part of art class is learning how to use shadowing, texture, and new colors.”-Zara Martinez

“I like artclass because I get to paint and it is a magical place”. -Alexa Cons

“I like artclass because we have fun learning spanish and more ways to draw”. - Ava Cons


Es un programa único diseñado para nuestros pequeños desarrollen su creatividad con una serie de técnicas que les servirán como una base sólida para poder continuar plasmando sus ideas. Es un programa lúdico donde los niños podrán divertirse y ejercer una mayor conexión entre sus dos hemisferios. También sustenta un mayor desarrollo emocional y flexibilidad de aprendizaje en otras materias.

Sera impartido en Español con la intencion de fomentar el idioma y sus raices culturales dentro de un ambiente divertido y creativo. Es una experiencia enriquecedora porque nuestras generaciones jovenes podran ser nutridos tanto en lo artistico como en lo cultural. 

Palabras seran pintadas, podran pintar escenas de cuentos leidos durante la clase, crearan sus propias historias e ilustrarlas. Estas son algunas de los ejercicios que serean utilizados para integrar cuestiones mas tecnicas como perspectiva, teoria del color, etc. 

Instructora Adriana Martinez Cruz

Edades 6-12

Jueves 5-7 pm 

Costo  $ 115 al mes por 8 horas.

Direccion ALAC Gallery 147 E. Adams St., Phoenix

A unique program designed for little ones to to develop their creativity by using a series of techniques that will serve as a solid base for self expression.

It is a playful program where kids are able to have fun and strengthen the connection between their two hemispheres. It also supports emotional intelligence and learning flexibility in other subjects.

The class will be taught is Spanish with the intention of fomenting the language and the cultural roots within a fun and creative environment. It is an enriching experience because younger generations will be absorbing both art and culture. 

Words will be painted, scenes from books read in Spanish will be illustrated by them and they will also create their own stories with their own images. These are a few of the exercises that will be utilized in order to integrate techniques like perspective, color theory and more. 

Instructor Adriana Martinez Cruz

Ages 6-12

Thursdays 5-7 pm 

Cost  $ 115 monthly for 8 hours.

Address ALAC Gallery 147 E. Adams St., Phoenix