My work is a continuous portrayal of empowerment of women.

Wether it is a self portrait, a painting depicting a woman expressing an emotion or an indigenous girl embodying a goddess my work is about women strengthening their power through cultural identity and their history.

Women are at the forefront of any progressive and healthy society

The times we are in calls for more women being empowered and using their voice and talents.

My art is about how our self worth is deepened through our connection to our cultural heritage however diverse that might be. 

My life has been enriched by cultural heritage in more ways that I can count. It has heightened my understanding as an individual and for my community as well as other communities. 

You will find inspiration and beauty in my work because that is what I feel while I am appreciating, observing the indigenous peoples and the people I am commissioned to paint. 

Now that you are here browse, enjoy, collect an original painting or a high quality print and commission a portrait of a beloved and add a deeper sense of meaning and connection to your life. 

Mi arte es sobre el amor a lo esencial dentro de nosotros mismos y la reverencia por la vida. Mis pinturas hablan sobre el amor y la conexión  a uno mismo, a un ser amado, al ambiente y un legado cultural. Personalmente creo en la diversidad, compasión , interconexión y en celebrar el legado cultural de uno. 

Reviews from Collectors

"Adriana, your portrait brought a smile to my father face and brought my mother to tears. Working with you has been such a blessing, you made the process easy and affordable to do a customized piece. This piece far exceeded my expectations and certainly turned heads once we completed the custom frame. Your work is now hanging in our family dining room, as a reminder of my parent's love for one another. Thank you for helping me surprise them with a beautiful piece to honor their marriage. I will definitely be commissioning another portrait soon and I will highly recommend you out to others looking for masterpieces! You are amazingly talented and just a delight to work with!" - Christina Bunting

"This wasn’t the first time I sought out Adriana so I was really excited.  I loved the first pieces she did for me - capturing my grandchildren in their wonderful, amazing innocence.  This time, however, I really wanted Adriana’s original art with all its brilliance.  I had admired her pieces for so long, I just never thought I would be able to acquire one.  I couldn’t decide which one I loved most so I chose two.  I could not wait for their delivery and when Adriana brought them to me, I was so completely thrilled and happy! Every night, they greet me when I walk in the door and I couldn’t be happier." -Laura Alvarez,  Principal at Protected Health Information Management Services PHIMS, LLC.

'Our experience with Adriana was such a great one that we asked her to come back a couple of times.  She has filled my home with portraits that are so special to me.  She was able to adapt to everyone in my family when doing our portraits which means a lot when you are dealing with a 10 year old, 12 year old, 40 year old and 60 year old grandma!" -Lucia Thompson, Attorney at law  

"You really 'painted' our grandchildren’s true emotions and feelings. You definitely can feel their personalities."         Reynaldo Ortiz, Attorney at law

"My husband and I commissioned Adriana to paint our granddaughter and grandson's portraits. We were very happy with the results! They are beautiful! Adriana is a very talented artist and we look forward to having her paint our youngest granddaughter's portrait in the future. Thank you Adriana !"-Debbie Ortiz

"If you are looking for a genuine, honest and passionate artist, look no further, Adriana will surprise you! It was a surreal experience having you paint live during our wedding reception, we loved it and so did our guests! I enjoy the personal touch and fun you add to all your work. The painting you made for us exceeded my expectations." -Johana Gervais

"We have known Adriana for quite a while. Adriana has always been a genuine person and it shows in her paintings. We commissioned Adriana because we felt comfortable in our request and because we knew that she would put her heart into her work. Although Adriana has her own style of painting, she was attentive to what we expected our pieces to express. The two pieces surpassed our expectations. Of course, the best part of it all is finally seeing the finished pieces. They are absolutely amazing". -Raymundo Valdez

"Me senti agusto en todo el proceso del encargo, nos entendimos desde el primer momento.Me encanto como Adriana iba entendiendo cada cosa que platicabamos sobre lo que esperaba de la pintura. Lo que mas disfrute fue la sorpresa de haber integrado la cola de la sirena que tanto me gusta.La pintura supero mis espectativas. Adriana es una artista con la que me gustaria seguir tratando y conociendo mas de sus pinturas y metodos."-Andrea Govela

"Artistas como Adriana Martinez  son una gran fuente de inspiración y de energía creativa. A través de sus obras trasmite y contagia esa magia. Muchas gracias por mi cuadro, supero mis expectativas, tan lleno de colores y detalles, me encantó!"  -Daniela Macías Azuara

"Me encantaron mis dibujos. Todo el proceso fue muy divertido. Adriana es excelente escucha y supo entender y plasmar lo que se me hizo difícil de explicar con palabras. La comisión se tuvo que platicar por teléfono/skype pues yo vivo en México pero me hubiera encantado sentarme a tomar un café con Adriana. Muy recomendada, su trato y su trabajo, excelente."           -Beatriz Gonzalez Rivera

"Yo he adquirido dos pequeños cuadros trabajo de Adriana pero son grandes por lo expresan, el trabajo realizado en ello es extraordinario,  admiro todo lo que realiza. Recomiendo ampliamente su arte original y vinculado con mi cultura mexicana es mucho más mérito y reconocimiento". -Araceli Montes